Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Best charter rates

OceanEvent is a long-standing partner with over 24 shipping companies worldwide.
This gives us access to more than 280 cruise ships with capacities from 16 on up to 2,706 cabins.

The minimum period of some charter cruises is seven nights – longer than many corporate events last. In order to offer you an exclusive charter tailor-made to your needs at top conditions, we often negotiate years ahead with the ship-owning companies.

If needed, we split a one-week long full charter according to your requirements – so your company will bear the costs only for the actually wanted number of nights. OceanEvent has established this “shared charter rate” model for ships that are particularly suitable for events and incentives.
It broadens the range of customers who want to hold maritime events on board an exclusively chartered cruise ship and is unique in the event business.

Worldwide waters

OceanEvent is working with cruise lines all over the world to provide you with the most beautiful ships for any number of guests.
Regardless of whether you dream of the Mediterranean or Caribbean, the South Seas, river cruises or exotic locations such as the Arctic or Amazon region:

Our team of navigators and event planners scout new destinations each year and discover the most unusual spots in the waters of our planet.
In the Mediterranean and northern Europe alone, we have covered over 60,000 nautical miles.

With enthusiasm and personal passion, we explore the most beautiful coastal regions in order to create the perfect maritime backdrop to your event.

One-of-a-kind routing

Our customers benefit from the maritime know-how of former yacht captain and OceanEvent founder Christian Mühleck. He plans each and every charter cruise individually, together with his team of navigators and professional event managers.

We map out the routing according to your wishes and needs, calculate distances and lay times and negotiate them with the ship-owning companies. Whatever it is you fancy – we head into remote bays, picturesque harbors, fashionable hot spots or World Cultural Heritage sites.

Thus OceanEvent brings you to new horizons on your exclusively chartered cruise ship.

Unforgettable experiences

Moving around on one’s own ship as an exclusive group creates a unique atmosphere.
Underscoring the experience by fine-tuned maritime and land programs is where the expertise of OceanEvent lies. Your ship is by far not only a means of transport – it is the highlight of your journey.

We are masters in implementing cruises that are perfectly tailored in terms of the routing, spectacular landings, gala nights and individual brandings.

We create unforgettable moments at sea and on land.


Of course, we know most of the world’s 280 cruise ships and yachts personally, know their merits, know important details and the crew.

We understand our maritime know-how as a guarantee for the successful implementation of your charter.






Welcome to OceanEvent – it will be our great pleasure to bring your vision of a corporate charter cruise to life.
In order to best meet your expectations, please be so kind to share with us the following specifications:

Desired date:Year / Month:Flexible:
2 nights (minimum charter duration)3 nights4 – 6 nights7 nightsOther
Mediterranean SeaNorthern EuropeCentral EuropeCaribbeanOrientAsia/Indian OceanPacificArctica / AntarcticaFlexibleOther
Ocean voyageRiver cruiseFlexible

IncentiveConference/MeetingJubileeProduct launchOther
Conference Lounge (capacity)Activities on boardOther
StandardHigh qualityLuxuriousEnergy efficientFlexible
GoogleSocial MediaNewsletterPress articleReferralOther


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