The Difference

The Difference


The best choice for conventions, incentives, meetings and events is a full-ship charter on board a cruise ship.
Diversity, safety and security, privacy, customization and full cost transparency are essential advantages of an exclusively chartered ship compared to an event location on land.

As is the case so often in life – exclusivity does make a difference!


Once on board your own cruise ship, your guests experience a new location every day.
Small bays, dreamy spots to anchor and picturesque harbors – or else the hot spots of the jet-set and vibrant mega-cities.

Without having to pack, without any transfers, you arrive at new destinations.


According to a study by the U.S. National Security Agency, cruise ships are by far the safest travel mode in the world.
Throughout the world the same strict guidelines apply on board – implemented by officers and crew on each ship they remain an object of constant training.

So ease your mind when you know your guests are on board a cruise ship!


When it comes to privacy, the full-ship charter of a cruise liner provides optimum protection.
The participants in your event will feel completely undisturbed on board. A liberating feeling that begins in the morning at the breakfast buffet, accompanies you throughout your conference and still holds steady when your guests are celebrating till late under the nocturnal stars.

When confidentiality matters, contents of conversations stay your secret onboard!


The cruise ship is all yours for the period of your charter.
If you wish, we provide a pool roof for product presentations, fashion shows or the symphony orchestra we fly in especially for your occasion. We stage shows and gala dinners on the outer decks or create top-flight conference locations for you.

Your boat is your playing field – just use it!


On board your exclusively chartered cruise ship, everything will be tailored to your needs – in the true sense of the word.
It is the task and pleasure of OceanEvent to provide you with the right ship, meet your individual wishes, implement your schedule and specific set-ups in collaboration with the ship-owning company. During the charter, we are in close contact with the captain and officers and ensure that the crew unerringly focuses on your agenda.

This way, we guarantee the smashing success of your maritime event!


The calculation of a cruise ship for full charter is extremely easy.
We negotiate charter rates for you that normally contain all costs: from accommodations to full board on up to fuel and harbor dues.
Unlike the case of meeting locations on land, there will be no extra costs on board the ship for the use of the professionally equipped show lounges and break-out rooms. Event technology, conference catering and even drinks and tips are largely included.

You will know the exact costs for your ship when you sign the charter agreement!


Welcome to OceanEvent – it will be our great pleasure to bring your vision of a corporate charter cruise to life.
In order to best meet your expectations, please be so kind to share with us the following specifications:

Desired date:Year / Month:Flexible:
2 nights (minimum charter duration)3 nights4 – 6 nights7 nightsOther
Mediterranean SeaNorthern EuropeCentral EuropeCaribbeanOrientAsia/Indian OceanPacificArctica / AntarcticaFlexibleOther
Ocean voyageRiver cruiseFlexible

IncentiveConference/MeetingJubileeProduct launchOther
Conference Lounge (capacity)Activities on boardOther
StandardHigh qualityLuxuriousEnergy efficientFlexible
GoogleSocial MediaNewsletterPress articleReferralOther


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