Birthday, Company Anniversary, Wedding

Verabschiedung und Heimreise einer glücklichen Jubiläums-Geburtstags-Hochzeits-Gesellschaft nach dieser in jedem Sinne gelungenen Flusskreuzfahrt!

How entrepreneur Heiko Lörsch managed the balancing act of three event types on a chartered river cruise

2023 will be Heiko Lörsch’s 30th year with Germany’s largest financial consultancy. He started here at 20 years old, ventured into self-employment but remained closely connected to the company. He wanted to celebrate! And because his 50th birthday was coming up at the same time, he decided to invite clients, business partners, friends and family on a chartered river cruise. They came in large numbers to celebrate the beloved director, friend and partner. They were amazed when, during the three-day river cruise, a wedding also took place – that of the host and his wife, Tami!

The idea to charter a river cruise ship

Let’s take it one step at a time! Three years ago, Heiko Lörsch married his partner Tami. The pandemic torpedoed their plans to celebrate on a grand scale. But as we all know, postponed is not cancelled. And so Heiko Lörsch decided to add another glamorous highlight to the cruise on the Moselle: the renewal of their wedding vows. After all, everyone who should have been invited to their wedding was onboard. A wonderful surprise – even for his wife!

An event stands and falls with the choice of location, they say. The Lörschs did everything right with their choice. As a member of the management team of Germany’s largest financial consultancy, Heiko Lörsch was familiar with OceanEvent GmbH, who specialize in cruise events and has already organized numerous corporate incentives for the company. He discussed the details with OceanEvent CEO Christian Mühleck: Which ship, which destination, which routing were suitable for the Lörschs’ three special occasions? The journey for the 150 invited guests also had to be as short as possible – after all, they are environmentally conscious!

Already in the first discussion, a chartered river cruise was formed as the optimal location for the festivities. With the award-winning Amadeus Imperial, which sails from Cologne on the Rhine and Moselle, Christian Mühleck met exactly the taste of his client. “The ship is beautiful,” raves Tami Lörsch. From the elegant cabins to the stylish restaurant and Panorama Lounge, whose fully glazed walls offer a view of the passing landscape, the couple loved this exceptional river cruise ship.

Chartered river cruise itinerary

Kerstin Jung, Senior Charter Manager at OceanEvent

Kerstin Jung, Senior Charter Manager at OceanEvent

Together with Kerstin Jung, the itinerary took shape in which the Senior Charter Manager of OceanEvent knew how to optimally incorporate the Amadeus Imperial’s spacious and flexible spaces into the hosts’ plans.

Day 1:

  • Guests boarding in Cologne
  • Cocktail reception on the sun deck – and thus in front of the backdrop of the imposing Cologne Cathedral. Welcome of the guests by Heiko and Tami Lörsch with lounge music and appetizers
  • Also on board two musicians of the band ‘Me & the Heat’, known for best mood and much sensitivity as well as star chef Frank Öhler and sous chef Theo Sommer, friends of the Lörschs
  • Dinner & party with the singer duo

Day 2:

  • Short stopover in Koblenz. Here the band is expanded by two members
  • And then the big surprise: festively dressed, the company gathers in the Panorama Lounge, where Tami and Heiko Lörsch renew their wedding vows – symbolically blessed by Captain Lukas Pretzsch!
  • The festive meal, prepared by the ship’s brigade under the direction of the two top chefs, is served in the elegant restaurant while the Amadeus Imperial glides leisurely through the tides./li>
  • Musical accompaniment through the day
  • In the evening, there’s no stopping the mega party in the Panorama Lounge. Anniversary, round birthday, wedding. The band, now consisting of four members, gets the party started. The party goes on and the dancing continues into the morning …

Day 3:

  • Landing in Cochem on the Moselle River
  • The leisure program organized by Kerstin is very popular even after a full night on the dance floor. Activities offered are:
    • Hike to the Nikolausberg in Cochem with a visit to the Daniel Bach winery
    • Canoe tour on the romantic Moselle
    • 9-hole golf excursion
    • Guided eBike tour through medieval Cochem
  • Back on-board summer farewell on the Lido Deck, cast off and enjoy the atmosphere, the get-together with dear friends, the occasion of this beautiful trip, while the Amadeus Imperial sets course back to Cologne
  • Gala dinner on board with Baked Alaska ice cream bomb, served to James Last’s dinner march
  • Party night in the Panorama Lounge, with ‘Me & the Heat’ once again giving it their all for the dance-loving crowd

Day 4:

  • Landing at the Pier in Cologne
  • Farewell and journey home of a happy anniversary wedding party after this in every sense successful river cruise!
Heiko Lörsch, Tami Lörsch, Friends and Family on their exclusively chartered river cruise ship Amadeus Imperial

Heiko Lörsch, Tami Lörsch, Friends & Family


Conclusion of this special cruise

Among the many cruise events that the OceanEvent team has organized for private as well as business clients in its 20 years of existence, the river cruise of Heiko & Tami Lörsch was the one with the most event types. Kerstin Jung, who was responsible for planning, implementation and organization, sees the fact that it was such a great success as a joint effort. Her client really made it easy for her, she says: “Many thanks to Heiko Lörsch for the great cooperation. With his dynamic, positive manner, it was always a pleasure to find solutions and make decisions. He was available for this virtually 24/7! Many thanks also to his assistant, Martina Spatola, with whom I was able to pull the organizational strings on board in great teamwork.”

River cruise ship Amadeus Nova for exclusive charter with OceanEventThe special thing about a river cruise

The Lörsch family and their guests will confirm what Christian Mühleck and Kerstin Jung say about a chartered river cruise:

  • Riverboats offer plenty of space, are versatile inside and out, and have wonderfully wide deck areas
  • The cost of a full charter is moderate, especially since all meals on board are included in the charter rate and OceanEvent negotiates very good all-inclusive beverage rates.
  • River cruise ships like the Amadeus Imperial are ultra-modern vessels with feel-good interiors, comfortable sofa corners, stylish and luxuriously appointed cabins. Traveling on them means pure deceleration.
  • The pool deck, Lido bar and shuffle field on the sun deck are the communication magnets on board. This is where people meet for relaxed conversations, enjoy magnificent sunsets with a glass in hand, let their minds wander and let their thoughts take their course while the ship cruises leisurely on its way.
  • River cruises are locally accessible – saving long journeys or even air travel
  • On the rivers of Europe on the way (Rhine, Danube, Douro, Thames, Seine & Rhône) they offer breathtakingly beautiful scenes, interesting routings and various master programs. Of course, they are also available on Amazon, Mekong or Zambezi River…
  • River cruise ships are also available at short notice! A big plus, as Christian Mühleck knows. “Unlike events on ocean-going ships, there is no need for two years’ lead time in planning on the rivers.” He recommends inquiring about a year in advance and is happy to provide comprehensive advice!

Just give us a call!

Planning a private party, anniversary, corporate event (or all of the above?) Call our team of nautical and event professionals on +49.8151.746 49-0 and ask us which ship we would recommend for your very special occasion! We personally know over 380 cruise ships, river cruisers, windjammers, and mega yachts available worldwide. When new cruise liners come on the market, we are among the first on board. So, we know what’s possible on board a ship, what our customers can expect, what the crew’s strengths are.


Talk to OceanEvent-CEO Christian Mühleck and tell the former yacht captain about your plans!

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Climate-friendly cruise ships at OceanEvent

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