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Privatized Beach Club

16.05.2023 - Cruise Ship as event location for your company anniversary

A company anniversary is a milestone for every company and deserves to be celebrated in a dignified manner. OceanEvent provides you with more than 380 exclusive cruise ships to choose from – from 30 to 6000 guests!

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Melanie Grossmann, Office Managerin bei OceanEvent GmbH

08.05.2023 - Melanie Grossmann joins OceanEvent

OceanEvent is happy to announce a competent new team member: On May 1, 2023 we welcomed our new Office Manager Melanie Grossmann!

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11.04.2023 - Orient Express launches largest sailing ship in the world

The operators of the famous Orient Express have announced a ship for 2026 that will revolutionize cruising: the Orient Express Silenseas! It will be the largest sailing ship in the world, with spectacular exteriors and interiors – and unprecedented sustainability.

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OceanEvent Incentive Charter Seychellen

06.04.2023 - Fantastic Incentive Cruise Seychelles

Back from an incentive cruise in the Seychelles, Senior Charter Manager Simon Boos describes his impressions, gives location tips and reports first-hand from island hopping aboard the small, very fine Explorer cruise ship Le Champlain

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MICE Event on Cruise Ship

27.03.2023 - For MICE Event Planners

From 30 to 6000 pax – MICE events on cruise ships continue to grow. This is not surprising. Because cruise ships have everything on board that is needed for this.

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Segeln auf Windjammern

23.02.2023 - Sailing on Windjammers

Sailing incentive, conference, or your own wedding: The exclusive charter of a traditional tall ship is one of the last great adventures of our modern times. OceanEvent presents the most beautiful windjammers for your event.

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OceanEvent - Philosphy

22.02.2023 - The MICE Specialists with nautical know-how

The exclusive charter of entire cruise ships for corporate events requires special knowledge. OceanEvent fulfills this in a variety of ways. From nautical know-how to charter cruise designers and senior event managers.

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Of the 400 cruise ships worldwide, approximately 10 percent of these are considered environmentally friendly cruise ships. OceanEvent explains what makes the difference, along with the industry’s commitment to becoming climate neutral by 2050, and in some cases, even earlier.

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Maritime Team Offsite - seit 20 Jahren mit OceanEvent

10.01.2023 - OceanEvent celebrates 20 years – Team Offsite events on the 7 Seas!

20 years ago, OceanEvent founder Christian Muehleck started a business that didn’t yet exist. He chartered out cruise ships for corporate events and private celebrations. With his idea, the former yacht captain was a true pioneer. This anniversary year, he recalls the beginning as a humorous look back.

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Emerald-Sakara_Boutiquekreuzfahrt exklusiv bei OceanEvent chartern

09.01.2023 - Boutique cruise on exclusive yacht

You can charter this boutique ship exclusively with OceanEvent for events, incentives and top-class business meetings with up to 98 guests.

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Fokus Zukunft und OceanEvent mit klimaneutralem Zertifikat 2022

10.11.2022 - Climate neutrality at OceanEvent

Also in 2022 + 2023 OceanEvent may carry the seal ‘Climate Neutral Company’ from Fokus Zukunft. Our climate strategy begins with us in the operational business and extends to influencing the reduced emissions and sustainable technology of the cruise lines.

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Sea Cloud Spirit - Vollcharter bei OceanEvent

27.10.2022 - NDR Report: Dream sailing ship on fleeting visit to Hamburg

This week, the NDR went on board the majestic cruise liner Sea Cloud Spirit. The impressive windjammer is available for full charter for maritime events and incentives with OceanEvent.

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OceanEvent Charter Projekt Impressionen 2022

20.10.2022 - How charter experiences score with participants!

OceanEvent shares with you how charter experiences score with participants. For your event from 30 to 6000 pax we have reserved the most beautiful cruise ships and yachts worldwide and at the best travel time in 2023 and 2024. Let us inspire you with the possibily of maritime events: From 5 selected ships available for exclusive charter and the impressions of the OceanEvent charter season 2022.

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River Cruise Charter

04.10.2022 - Stylish river cruise charter for corporate incentives

For your next company incentive we recommend a full river cruise charter. The modern river ships impress in service & design. Next date: Rhine river cruise in Nov. 2022. As your charter broker, we have all vessels of the 4 and 5 star category on the rivers of Europe in our portfolio.

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Kreuzfahrtschiff ideal für Tagungen mit bis zu 600 Gästen

15.09.2022 - Eco-friendly cruise ship for 6000 passengers

If you are looking for an eco-friendly cruise ship for more than 6000 passengers for your next major event, these two new additions to a German shipping company will convince you – including ‘hard facts’ on their sustainability.

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12.08.2022 - How can cruise ships become more environmentally friendly?

OceanEvent presents a shipping company whose five cruise ships range from polar circle expeditions to luxury cruises around the globe, and who know how to minimize their footprint in the sensitive ecosystems of our planet.

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Umweltfreundliches Kreuzfahrtschiff für 3200 Passagiere

08.07.2022 - Environmentally friendly cruise ship for 3200 passengers

If you are planning an unforgettable corporate event for your employees, partners or customers in 2023 or 2024 – and interested in an environmentally friendly cruise ship for 3200 passengers – let’s talk to each other and work out an extraordinary, sustainable company event for you in every form!

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07.07.2022 - Charter tips for the event season 2022-2024

For your upcoming company event, OceanEvent has reserved attractive cruise ships and yachts for full charter at beautiful destinations worldwide and the best time of travel. From 30 to 5000 Pax.

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01.07.2022 - Environmentally friendly cruise ship for 720 passengers

An environmentally friendly cruise ship for 720 passengers. That sounded utopian just a few years ago. But the industry is pushing the issue. OceanEvent will be providing the latest 5-star cruise liner of this size for full charter for sustainable maritime events and incentives from 2023.

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21.06.2022 - Environmentally friendly cruise ship for 240 passengers

It is possible to travel by cruise ship to the most remote corners of the world in a responsible way? Yes! This environmentally friendly cruise ship for 240 passengers is available for full charter for your event or incentive, exclusively with OceanEvent.

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Wie die Kreuzfahrtbranche zum Klimaschutz beiträgt

31.05.2022 - Cruising and climate protection

The climate protection goal of global warming of a maximum of 1. 5 degrees is THE task of our time. So is there such a thing as eco-friendly cruise ships and can cruising and climate protection fit together? In a short blog series, we want to discuss how the cruise industry fulfils its responsibility for sustainability.

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Incentive Travel Mediterranean

16.04.2022 - Incentive travel in the Mediterranean

For your incentive travel in the Mediterranean, and all types of events, OceanEvent has reserved attractive cruise ships and yachts at the best times of travel between 2022 and 2024. From 30 to 5000 Pax.

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20.03.2022 - Superyacht charter for 98 guests

Our recommendation: Charter this superyacht exclusively with OceanEvent for events, incentives and top-class business meetings with up to 98 guests.

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Join the OceanEvent team

14.02.2022 - We are looking for a Senior Event Manager (f/m/x)

Europe’s leading charter broker OceanEvent continues to expand and they are strengthening their team to be able to offer the increasing number of charter clients once-in-a-lifetime experiences on board cruise ships and yachts.

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20.01.2022 - The most environmentally friendly cruise ship in the world

The world’s most environmentally friendly cruise ship attracted such illustrious guests as star chef Alain Ducasse at its launch in September 2021. OceanEvent was also honored to witness the christening of the hybrid-electronically operated polar research vessel.

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04.11.2021 - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – implemented by OceanEvent

For many years now, the Managing Director of OceanEvent, Christian Muehleck, has been captivating a book. It’s Stephen R. Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” The business bestseller is considered one of the most influential books ever written.

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Kerstin Jung, Senior Charter Manager at OceanEvent GmbH

01.11.2021 - Kerstin Jung expands the OceanEvent Team

We are proud to announce the arrival of our newest team member Kerstin Jung.

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15.10.2020 - New boutique ship for exclusive charter

Introducing an exceptionally stylish and multifunctional new location for meetings, corporate incentives, or social events for up 100 guests.

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01.07.2020 - Update July 2020

OceanEvent gives a short update with positive news of the Cruise industry.

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03.06.2020 - A message from the CEO

A message from Christian Muehleck, CEO of OceanEvent GmbH, Europe’s leading charter broker for corporate and private events on cruise ships and mega yachts.

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Heidi Gerling, Digital Marketing Managerin, OceanEvent GmbH

01.05.2020 - OceanEvent continues to grow internationally

OceanEvent are well-known for their unique corporate event ideas. Their new team member Heidi Gerling will communicate this internationally in the future.

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19.10.2019 - Incentive Events on a Discovery Yacht

In October, the world’s first Discovery Yacht was launched. OceanEvent Managing Director, Christian Muehleck was on board to check their suitability for corporate incentive events and private celebrations. Here, he reports what one can expect for once-in-a-lifetime experiences that the superyacht promises to its 200 passengers.

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10.05.2019 - Cruise yacht for charter in August 2019

August 18-21, 2019 is the date to cruise onboard this five-star yacht to the most stunning spots between Rome, Sardinia and Corsika. Your 110 guests will be pampered at the highest stage, as the service onboard has been prize-winning for years. It’s high season, so you and your guests will find yourselves amongst the mega […]

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Guide to events on cruise ships

25.01.2019 - A guide to events on cruise ships and yachts

An eBook guide for Event managers planning MICE events OnBoard cruise ships and yachts! It’s been seven years since events magazine and Christian Mühleck joined forces. Numerous columns are the result, in which the managing director of Europe’s largest charter broker shares his maritime knowledge with the readers of the “Captain’s Talk”; The trade magazine […]

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Wirtschaft in Bayern - Christian Mühleck im Interview

11.01.2019 - Economy in Bavaria

OceanEvent-Portrait in the ePaper ‘Wirtschaft’ Economy in Bavaria On December 2018, exciting personalities who helped shape the economy in Bavaria were available to interview for the Economic Forum. Among them Alfons Schubeck, Slyrs – and Christian Mühleck, founder of OceanEvent GmbH, Europe’s largest charter broker for cruise ships and yachts. Here, Mühleck reports on extraordinary […]

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OceanEvent-Christmas Party 2018

04.01.2019 - OceanEvent Christmas Party 2018

A successful year can be celebrated! The team at OceanEvent took this to heart – at the company Christmas party on the beautiful Lake Tegernsee. “I would like to thank our employees – and their partners – for their great commitment and teamwork. I wish you a merry Christmas and a brilliant start to a […]

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OceanEvent is a climate-neutral Company

02.12.2018 - OceanEvent is a Climate-Neutral Company

Climate change is the biggest challenge since the end of the Ice Age. That’s why charter broker OceanEvent decided to assume responsibility for the impact of the worldwide meetings, events, and incentives it is offering onboard cruise ships. With retroactive effect for the year 2018, as well as for the future, OceanEvent has been and […]

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04.03.2018 - New cruise ships for the MICE business

The order books of Europe’s major shipping yards have never been as full as they are right now. In 2017 more than 450 cruise vessels were available for corporate and private charters and there will be another 75 cruise liners by 2026! Among them will be a good variety of new cruise ships for the […]

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OceanEvent Dreharbeiten auf Luxusyacht Lady Moura

02.02.2018 - OceanEvent onboard Lady Moura for TV shooting

Lady Moura is among the largest luxurious yachts that have ever been built for private purpose. Being a ship that unites superlatives, she is one of the best known yachts in the world. 105 meters of length, 60 crew members and – even if launched back in 1990 – still one of the most elegant private vessels […]

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Simon Boos, Senior Projekt Manager, OceanEvent GmbH

01.01.2018 - Simon Boos joins OceanEvent

Simon Boos joins Charter Broker OceanEvent as their incentive event specialist

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OceanEvent auf Site-Insepction im Norden

09.09.2017 - Site-inspection to the far North

Seeking for the unexpected, OceanEvent’s CEO Christian Mühleck and his project manager Lisa Aumayr went on a site inspection along the coastline of Danmark and Sweden. Their mission: To find and test locations, shore excursions and themed programs for a maritime incentive that OceanEvent is about to orchestra in 2018. Onboard an exclusively chartered cruise ship 700 […]

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OceanEvent in den Medien

30.07.2017 - OceanEvent in the Press

OceanEvent in the Press: In July 2017 you’ll hear quite a lot from OceanEvent: The swiss “Cruise Blog” reports why cruise ships are the best choice for an event. Blogger Hans Stieger talked to Corsin Parolini and Christian Mühleck, founder and CEO of OceanEvent, Europe’s leading charter broker for cruise ships. Learn why they believe in cruise […]

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Corsin Parolini von OceanEvent in der Sonntagszeitung

12.01.2016 - Corsin Parolini new BDM at OceanEvent

Mr. Parolini, born in Switzerland, has been responsible for business development in Sales at OceanEvent in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland region since early 2016.

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Vanessa Wagner bei OceanEvent

29.09.2015 - Vanessa Wagner back in the charter business

After a short sabbatical, the experienced charter expert has returned to the team of OceanEvent.

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OceanEvent im Interview mit der Welt am Sonntag - Kreuzfahrtschiff chartern

23.06.2015 - charter logbook, June 2015

The OceanEvent logbook informs you regularly of the latest options for full charter on board the most beautiful cruise ships in the world:

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Mein Schiff 4 für Kongress und Tagung zur Vollcharter bei OceanEvent

22.05.2015 - OceanEvent tests MeinSchiff 4

Even before the brand new MeinSchiff 4 was christened, the team of OceanEvent seized the opportunity for a test cruise on board. Conclusion: very good conditions for full charter with MICE character.

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21.05.2015 - Star Clippers builds the world’s largest sailing ship

OceanEvent has secured one of the first charter slots in May 2018 for a major maritime event. The five-mast full-rigged ship is to set sail in the second half of 2017, replacing the “Royal Clipper” as the world’s largest sailing ship.

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Star Clipper in Asien über OceanEvent zur Vollcharter

20.05.2015 - Star Clipper all year round in Asia from fall 2016 onward

The “Star Clipper” cruise sail ship will spend the winter season in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore; in the summer months, the ship will cruise around Bali.

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Christian Mühleck's OceanEvent Kolumne im Events Magazin

13.05.2015 - Captain’s talk in the “events” Magazine 2/2015

Subject of this OceanEvent column: Seasickness – cruise event without risks and side effects.

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29.04.2015 - DVAG cooperates with OceanEvent

The German consultancy firm has been active on the cruise market for many years and has great experience in the charter business.

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